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Observations for a Better World

Environmental awareness is increasing worldwide, creating demand for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Similarly, Vaisala's business environments are developing. Investments in airport and road infrastructure continue, resulting in a need for even more reliable weather information to maximize safety and increase operational efficiency. As a global leader in weather and industrial measurement, Vaisala is ideally positioned to respond to these requirements.
Vaisala's goal is to be the leading supplier of observation, monitoring and measurement products, systems and services for chosen weather-related and industrial markets. We achieve leadership by providing a comprehensive offering with the right mix of performance, reliability and convenience to best fulfill the needs of the customers we serve.
Long term, we seek double-digit growth with good profitability. We aim to grow both organically and through acquisitions. Our focus is on increasing the share of project business and services of the Group's total net sales.


Based on 75 years of innovations, Vaisala has grown into a unique company in the field of environmental observation and monitoring, serving versatile customer groups from meteorology professionals and airports to pharmaceutical and steel industries.
Vaisala's strategy is based on a market-oriented approach, and the company works in close cooperation with customers and other partners to create customized offerings to different customer groups. For future success, it is essential to maintain the position of a technology leader. Vaisala's groundbreaking sensing technology enables internal synergies between the different businesses.
Global presence is another cornerstone the company's success is built on. Vaisala's own sales and services force, present in 15 countries, and our global distributor network ensure local support for the customers all over the world.
Strong presence in the key markets ensures regionally balanced revenue flow. Vaisala's global markets are divided into three regions: Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, and the company serves customers in over 150 countries annually. North America, especially the U.S.A, is the biggest business region, where Vaisala has some of the largest and most demanding established customers. Currently, the growth focus is on markets such as China and Latin America.
The extremely versatile customer base requires that Vaisala has to be able to deliver not just single instruments but also complex integrated systems. The company is continuously developing manufacturing methods, like expanding mass-customization capabilities from industrial instruments to weather observation systems and further ensuring competences to deliver complex projects.
In order to achieve our business and technology goals, we have to ensure that Vaisala is a great place to work in. Curiosity, the desire to meet new challenges and an extraordinary ability to innovate are at the core of Vaisala's personnel, both past and present.

Changing Market Place

Most of Vaisala's weather customers represent public administration. In the current economic turmoil, governmental funding can no longer be taken for granted. This also affects Vaisala's business and the dynamics are shifting towards stronger focus on the private sector: Controlled Environment is today the fastest growing business within Vaisala.  A similar change from public to private is visible in the weather sectors, where for instance energy and maritime markets are emerging.
Tightening regulations in different markets offer Vaisala a further opportunity. The regulations affect especially the life science industries, airports and maritime, where international and national authorities regulate operations.
Competition and price pressure is increasing in all markets. Vaisala's uniqueness as a global company with a comprehensive offering portfolio gives the company an advantage in the environmental measuring, monitoring and observation markets.