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Trend Analysis Software

​Vaisala vLog SP (formerly Spectrum) is a trend analysis software for downloading, analyzing and reporting information from Vaisala SP data loggers. This software is used in standalone data logging applications with Vaisala's non-validatable DL-series data loggers. For validated or GxP-compliant applications, please see vLog VL, which includes security and reporting features that satisfy regulatory scrutiny and calibration tracking information.

  • Create electronic records of temperature, humidity and other conditions
  • Create graphs and reports from logger files
  • Produce detailed graph reports and statistical summaries
  • Overlay logger files within the same graph to check relationships between logger files
  • Add manual and automatic maximum, minimum, and average lines to graphs
  • Create customized tabular-format reports with date/time, logged values, interval statistics
  • Copy/paste and export graphs to .TXT and .CSV files into Windows and/or other data base applications

Related Software

  • The Spectrum API (Applications Programming Interface) allows users to communicate with Vaisala data loggers through their own Windows-based programs. The program is ideal for OEM customers or for those who must process logger data using other programs.
  • The Excel Add-in utility allows users to export data from vLogSP to Microsoft Excel files.

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