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Measuring Moisture in Lubricating Oil Continuously

​All machines with lubricating oil systems can benefit from the monitoring of moisture content in the oil. Water deteriorates oils performance, whether used as a lubricant, coolant, insulator or for other purposes. High moisture content increases the risk of corrosion, overheating, machine malfunctions and other costly problems.

Vaisala's unique moisture in oil measurement monitors the water activity of the oil continuously and online, which directly indicates the margin to free water formation in the oil. Unlike traditional sampling methods, which can take days or weeks to produce test results, Vaisala's continuous measurement ensures reliable equipment performance at all times.

Online measurement enables you to schedule service intervals and prevent unscheduled downtime supporting your preventive maintenance programs. It also reduces the risk of failures to critical and expensive machine parts, while requiring the activation of oil drying systems only when necessary. This is especially important in applications where the consequences of water contamination are high, such as turbines, marine engines and paper mills.
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New product: MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen, and Temperature Transmitter for Online Transformer Condition Monitoring 

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    Facts & Stats

     Facts & Stats

    • ​Vaisala's moisture in oil instruments measure on-line, real time, without sampling
    • The measurement technique measures water activity of the oil, which directly indicates the margin to free water formation in the oil.
    • The measurement is independent of oil type, age and temperature.
    • Installation can be done through ball valve - there is no need to shut down the process
    • Vaisala's moisture in oil sensors tolerate a wide range of hydrocarbon fluids, from pure oil to a variety of lubrication oils and hydraulic oils
    • Standard delivery time from our factory is just three days. Products are drop-shipped to you.
    • Vaisala oil moisture measurement probes are installed through a ball valve and can be inserted and removed while the process is running and under pressure.