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Compressed Air Measurement Knowledge Base

Compressed air that is clean and dry can be ensured by accurate dew point measurement instruments. Since dew point measurements can be made almost anywhere on the supply or demand side of a system, the application conditions and instrument requirements can vary significantly. Furthermore, sensors must withstand exposure to a number of contaminants like water spikes, ambient humidity, compressor oil, and chemical impurities.

Vaisala sensors can handle all of the above. What’s more, they have the fastest wet-to-dry response time on the market and minimal drift allowing for a 2-year calibration interval.

Dew point measurement combined with pressure measurement offers further unique advantages. When dew point data is coupled with live pressure input, conversions to atmospheric pressure or ppm are available online leaving no ambiguity in the information. As an example, regulative requirements of medical gas can be fulfilled easily and quickly. As a market first, Vaisala now has a product specifically designed to meet this need. The Vaisala Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitter DPT146 is especially well suited for demanding compressed air applications.

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    Facts & Figures
    • Stable instruments

    Note: Newly updated data! The graphs above are derived from an ongoing test in which two Vaisala DRYCAP® DMT242 dewpoint transmitters were installed in a compressed air line ca 11 years ago and have not been recalibrated or adjusted. The line conditions are representative of instrument air. x-axis represents years, y-axis represents difference to the reference value at periodic checks.

    • Fastest wet-to-to dry response time on the market
    Vaisala dewpoint transmitters incorporate the DRYCAP® sensor for which it takes just minutes to reach an accurate reading after a step change from ambient humidity to a -40°C dewpoint.

    • High resistance to contamination
    DRYCAP® sensor is immune to compressor oil and most other chemical contaminants.

    • Long 2-year calibration interval
    Stable polymer material, advanced auto-calibration and purge features keep the sensor stable for a record time.

    • Easy calibration services

    • Wide variety of instruments
    Lightweight hand-held instruments, configurable &  customized fixed mount transmitters, OEM models and as a market first, a model which combines dew point and pressure measurement.

    • With accurate dewpoint measurement you can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. Read the complete article here.
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