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Fermentation and Brewing with Safe Carbon Dioxide Levels

Enzymes, antibiotics, aminoacids, and alcohols are all produced by fermentation in strictly controlled environments. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important gaseous metabolic product in fermentation. As high CO2 levels are a potential health risk, CO2 level must be monitored in places, where there is a risk for elevated CO2 levels due to exhaust gas release to the surrounding environment. These type of places are wineries, breweries and other fermentation facilities.

Control CO2 levels in fermentation with Vaisala Carbon Dioxide Transmitters

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    Recommended Products
    • Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252 
    • The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252 is an intelligent, stand-alone probe for measuring CO2 in agriculture, refrigeration, greenhouses and demanding HVAC applications. It is suitable for harsh and humid CO2 measurement environments where stable and accurate ppm-level CO2 measurements are needed.
    • Indigo 201 Analog Output Transmitter 
    • Vaisala Indigo 201 Analog Output Transmitter is a host device for Vaisala's intelligent, stand-alone CO2 probes, GMP251 and GMP252. The products are suitable for use in life science, agriculture, food, and demanding HVAC applications.
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