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Observation As a Service

Vaisala Services provides Observation As A Service (OAAS) including  even customer's infrastructure, processes and ownership.  In the long run, professional life time support with predictable costs is the most cost-efficient solution.


    In addition to maintenance services and professional data production environments located in the UK and United Sates supported by qualified application specialists, Vaisala Services also challenges the conventional thinking by providing Observation As A Service (OAAS), where Vaisala's responsibility can be expanded on customer's infrastructure, processes and ownership.

    The OAAS encompass the delivery and installation of observation systems to the customer, the provision of data and other potential analysis or forecast products, the daily or regular maintenance activities, and modernizations of the observation systems based on the agreed share of responsibilities. Quality and efficiency improvement can be achieved by operating the customer networks and solutions based on the service level agreements.

    Observations As A Service is a service solution where Vaisala owns and takes care of the customer observation systems and their operations during the application life cycle on customer's behalf.  Customers get the observation data for decision making or other operational need and pays for the final product i.e. data services.

    In practice, Vaisala commits to a certain performance criteria, thus, the solution and agreed performance level is backed-up by an extensive set of other modular services such as annual maintenance, spare parts offering, remote monitoring and repair services (with response time related to performance commitment). Vaisala also keeps customers informed of their network's performance and bring them convenience through the service.

    In the long run, professional life time support with predictable costs will become the most cost-efficient solution.

    For more information on Observation As A Service please contact Vaisala Sales.