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Global Lighting Dataset GLD360

Global Lighting Dataset GLD360 tracking lightning and severe weather

    Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is a service that provides real-time lightning data for accurate and early detection and tracking of severe weather. The data provided is generated by a Vaisala owned and operated world wide network.

    • Detect lightning as it happens, anywhere:
      First truly global and accurate, real-time lightning coverage.  No data gaps - unlike satellites or radars.
    • Sold as a service:
      No capital expenditure, no equipment, no maintenance.
    • Deliverable in a week:
      Begin receiving data in a week and quickly provide better end-user service.
    • Best accuracy:
      Outperforms all other long-range lightning detection systems. Minimal day/night effect.

    See GLD360 in Action - Sign up for a Free Trial!

    GLD360 data is delivered to you using Vaisala's Thunderstorm Manager web-based application. Fill in your information below and receive a free 30-day trial of the service. 

    Thunderstorm Manager allows you to track approaching thunderstorms and lightning activity in real-time and receive alerts about specific locations. Get started with your free trial:
    (Please allow up to 1 week for trial to be activated)

    Get lat & long coordinates from
    Technical Specifications

     Technical Specifications

    Lightning Data Information

    The GLD360™ dataset product includes delivery of global lightning data. The lightning data includes cloud-to-ground stroke information, cloud-to-ground flash information and survey level cloud lightning information.

    The lightning data file includes the following information (as a minimum):

    • Date and Time (UTC with milliseconds accuracy)
    • Latitude and Longitude (location)
    • Peak amplitude (kA)
    • Polarity (+/-)

    Lightning Data Format

    The GLD360™ data can be provided in various formats, including but not limited to the following:

    • ASCII
    • Binary (proprietary Type 97)
    • XML
    • Others as requested such as KML

    Lightning Data Delivery

    The GLD360™ data can be delivered in real-time (less than 60 seconds latency), near real-time (>2 minute bins) or in archive format (>24 hours). The delivery mechanism is via satellite in North America, secure shell Ethernet/internet (TCP/IP) or FTP.

    The GLD360™ Network Specifications

    • Current flash detection efficiency greater than 80% in most areas of the Northern hemisphere and between 10-80% in the Southern hemispheres, with the lower efficiencies in latitudes south of 42 degrees South. This is the best available for any worldwide VLF/LF long range network.
    • Median location accuracy of 1.5 to 2.5 km
    • Thunderstorm detection efficiency better than 99%
    • Network uptimes nearing 99%
    • Data feed uptimes of better than 99%
    • Event timing precision of 1 microsecond RMS
    • Peak amplitude measurements
    • Polarity