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GPS and Pressure Measurements in Radiosondes

GPS and Pressure Measurements in Radiosondes
During this webinar we describe GPS signal processing and the GPS-related hardware at the ground station and in the radiosonde.

​​​​​Radiosondes use data from global navigation satellite systems for measuring wind speed and direction, height, location and atmospheric pressure.  
During this webinar we describe GPS-based measurements with the radiosonde. We will look at the two alternative pressure measurements available in Vaisala Radiosonde RS41: a GPS-based and a sensor-based measurement, and discuss guidelines for making a selection between them.

In this webinar you learn:

  • To understand how GPS is used in radiosondes and how to ensure high quality of measurement results
  • How atmospheric pressure is measured with GPS and when this is the preferred pressure measurement method
  • Results of comparison soundings with GPS-based and sensor-based pressure measurements, including examples from various climates



​Raisa Lehtinen is a Senior Scientist at Vaisala with 13 year of experience in atmospheric remote sensing and over 4 years in sounding systems and radiosondes.
She has worked in several research and development projects, including GPS/GNSS navigation, software and algorithms development, and analysis of measurement accuracy. Raisa has a Master's degree in Technical Physics from the Aalto University in Espoo, Finland.

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