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Comparing Remote Sensing Systems to Met Towers

Comparing Remote Sensing Systems to Met Towers
Vaisala, in conjunction with several leading wind energy developers, recently conducted a study comparing the Triton remote sensing system to met towers. Learn about the study and examine the basics of wind industry measurement correlation studies.

​Remote sensing systems are being used worldwide to help improve the profitability and efficiency of wind resource assessments and wind farm operations. By measuring wind at heights higher than the commonly used met towers, remote sensing systems play an important role in gaining more certainty in wind measurements.

Remote sensing systems are often “validated” by being compared to measurements made by met towers. Recently Vaisala, in cooperation with industry-leading wind energy developers, released a broader study which compares the field performance of the Vaisala Triton Wind Profiler to met towers in actual wind industry deployments, not just carefully controlled experiments.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the recent Vaisala study as well as to examine some of the fundamentals of remote sensing correlation studies.

Originally held in the fall 2015, in partnership with Windpower Engineering.
Dr. Mark Stoelinga

​Dr. Mark Stoelinga, lead author of the Triton - met tower comparison study, presents; joined by Lee Alnes, Global Key Account Manager in Vaisala's Energy business.

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