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Is Water in Your Compressed Air Lines Costing You Money

Is Water in Your Compressed Air Lines Costing You Money
How to avoid it

​​​​Water forms in a compressed air line when relative humidity is 100%, when the operating temperature hits dew point temperature. This often causes extensive damage in compressed air applications.
The good news is that monitoring dew point temperature can prevent water from forming in your pipelines, alerting operators when the dew point temperature is dangerously close to operating temperature.
This webinar covers the facts about dew point and condensation, showing how monitoring dew point temperature optimizes compressed air quality and benefits the bottom line. The webinar also will address the role of pressure in keeping a compressed air line dry, and best installation practices for dew point measurement instruments.




Paul Daniel is a Senior Regulatory Compliance Instructor at Vaisala. For the last 20 years he has been assisting manufacturing companies to maintain and control the environmental conditions necessary for the manufacture of temperature and humidity-sensitive products, with a specialization in pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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