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Calibration of a Vaisala Humidity Transmitter

Calibration of a Vaisala Humidity Transmitter
Learn About the Calibration of a Vaisala Humidity Transmitter

​​​​​Ensuring an instrument’s accuracy is a critical part of data quality. Spot checking your instrument, or calibrating your instrument, if an excellent practice to have.  But how often is this needed and how is this done? This webinar will provide you an overview of calibration options and procedures that Vaisala provides and will include calibration fundamentals, such as traceability chain and accreditation.  

One of the most popular on-site seminar sections is about calibration of a humidity instrument. There have always been great discussions on this topic so this presentation will focus on understanding what “calibration” is and common questions on calibration.  
We will have application engineers on-hand to answer your questions during the webinar.  

​Attend this webinar to learn and discuss:​      

  • Why is calibration so important?      
  • When do I calibrate? 
  • Is field calibration an option? 

Yumi Alanoly is a Sales Application Engineer at Vaisala with over 6 years of experience in the industrial and life science industry. 

She has worked on a wide range of qualification projects, including process, cleaning, shipping, laboratory equipment, packaging, software, network, and computer validation.      Yumi has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.​​

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