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Webinar: Calibration as a Key to Better Business

Webinar: Calibration as a Key to Better Business
In this free-of-charge webinar you will learn the most important technical and business related reasons for calibration. In addition we’ll go through the most relevant calibration terms, best practices and options.

Even the most stable measurement instruments require regular calibration, adjustment and maintenance to stay accurate. The end-product quality and important business decisions are often highly dependent on continuous data accuracy, which is achieved by appropriate actions that are be taught in this webinar recording. 

What you will learn:
What calibration is and the technical reasons for calibrating measurement instruments, also in outdoor applications 
The connection between calibration and better business (and better outcome in general)
Calibration terminology
Best practices and different calibration options
How Vaisala can make your life easier
Who should listen to the webinar recording:
Anyone using measurement instruments, managing manufacturing processes or interested in measurement accuracy or calibration in general should join. Most of the information will not be company specific, but at the end of the webinar, the speakers will also share some ways how Vaisala can make your life easier through different calibration and care options.


Hans Fabritius
Hans Fabritius is a Product Manager for Vaisala's calibration and repair services. He has over 20 years of experience on measurement instruments and services. He has worked with both industrial and weather related measurements having a wide knowledge about different types of customer applications. Hans holds a Bachelors Degree in Automation from the Helsinki Polytechnic Institute in Finland.

Catherine Prendiville
Catherine Prendiville is a Service Manager at Vaisala’s Boston Calibration Laboratory with almost 10 years’ experience in the Calibration and Repair Service Industry. Prior to relocating to the Boston Service Center, Catherine was the Canadian Service Center Manager for Vaisala. Catherine holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemical & Instrumental Analysis from Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland.


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