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Advancements in Airline Deicing

Advancements in Airline Deicing
Winter can be a challenging time for airline operations due to the frequency, and sometimes unpredictability, of winter weather.
View this webinar - Advancements in Airline Deicing - to learn about a new, modern system for airline pilots and winter weather decision support. Hear how you can stop using cumbersome holdover time tables, and streamline your operations this winter with data you can trust.

This webinar discusses:
  • Airline deicing and anti-icing regulations
  • The history of aircraft deicing
  • Current methodologies of deicing and anti-icing
  • Vaisala CheckTime - how it works and the benefits
  • Live demonstration of CheckTime 
​Pasi brings 25 years of airline operations experience to Vaisala, currently working as the Lead Consultant for the company's Airport & Airline Winter Operations products and services.

Prior to Vaisala, Pasi was the Process Owner for De-Icing and Fuel in Ground Operations for Finnair. His experience includes:
-    managing aircraft winter operations at 50 airports across the globe
-    writing company winter and fueling procedures
-    winter operations training
-    implementing remote de-icing operations, including training
-    managing the outsourcing of de-icing operations to a third party
-    5 year successful project to reduce de-/anti-icing fluid consumption
-    extensive studies on de-/anti-icing fluids
-    ‘holdover time’ testing in real winter conditions to verify fluid performance and safety
In addition, Pasi has has been a member of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE-G12) aircraft de-icing working groups for 10 years.

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