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Real Time Lightning Tracking

Lightning is one of the most common causes of weather-related failures for transmission and distribution lines. Plus, it can propagate through the lines and damage transformers or substations. Vaisala offers lightning detection sensors and warning systems for real-time lightning tracking. These products inform operators when and where lightning is occurring, allowing them to keep crews safe during maintenance, reduce outages, or quickly take action if one does occur, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Lightning detection sensors, lightning tracking softwares and warning systems for real-time lightning tracking from Vaisala


    Vaisala provides technologies and software for real-time lightning tracking in an easy-to-use format. This allows electricity operators to monitor thunderstorm cell development, assess severity, and forecast storm path and intensity. In addition they can monitor the development and dissipation of overhead lightning threats. Operators responsible large areas, ranging from several hundred to thousands of square kilometers, can benefit from accurate forecasting and nowcasting with Vaisala technology.

    Related Services
    • National Lightning Detection Network 
    • Vaisala owns and operates the National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) that provides accurate lightning data information across the USA.
    • Global Lighting Dataset GLD360 
    • Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is a service which provides real-time lightning data for accurate and early detection and tracking of severe weather anywhere over land and sea. The service is delivered as a dedicated data stream – no investment in hardware necessary.