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Vaisala Thunderstorm Local Lightning Sensor TSS928

Lightning detector TSS928 Thunderstorm Local Lightning Sensor


      Vaisala TSS928 provides superior performance in local-area lightning tracking. Lightning-sensitive operations rely on TSS928 to provide critical local lightning threat information to take advance precautions, initiate safety procedures, and isolate equipment with full confidence.

      Vaisala's patented lightning algorithms give TSS928 the most precise ranging of any stand-alone lightning detection sensor available in the world today.

      Technical Specifications

       Technical Specifications

      Detection Range

      30-nautical miles (56 km) radius from sensor location.

      Range Resolution

      ​0-5 nautical miles (0-9 km), 5-10 nautical miles (9-19km) and
      10-30 nautical miles (19-56km) (range can be set in nautical miles
      or kilometers).

      Bearing Resolution

      1° increments, 0° to 360°, reported by octant

      Thunderstorm Detection Efficiency

      ​90% within 10 nautical miles with one discharge; 99% with two
      discharges; 99.9% with three discharges

      Electrical Specifications

      ​AC Power

      115VAC±10% to 230VAC±10%
      DC/AC Power
      ​11-32VDC, 115VAC±10%
      ​DC Power ​ 11-32VDC
      ​Power Consumption ​100 watts maximum
      ​Standards/Approvals: ​UL, CSA, CE


      • Metallic or fiber optic links
      • Serial ASCII format
      • RS-232 and RS-422 serial at 9600 bps
      • Output via automatic one-minute preset weather messages,
            instantaneous broadcast of data as event occurs or sensor can
            store and be polled by user. ​ 

      Mounting Configuration

      Ground mount option
      Roof mount option with tripod

      ​Frame mount for either roof or ground options
      Height ​ 3.0 m max height recommended

      Environmental Conditions

      Temperature Range
      ​-50°C to +50°C (with heater)
      ​Maximum Wind Load ​0–120 knots, 222 km/h
      ​Humidity Tolerance ​0% to 100%
      ​Siting Requirements ​Flexible installation requirements.Questions should be referred to your
      distributor or your Vaisala sales representative.

      Support Services

      Vaisala TSS928™ is fully supported by our Customer Support
      Center, Technical Service Group, and Field Service Engineering
      Team. Maintain optimal performance by purchasing a service
      agreement customized to your unique system requirements. ​

      Standard Warranty

      Vaisala warrants all products manufactured by Vaisala to be free
      from defects in workmanship or material for one year from the
      date of delivery. Contact your Vaisala Sales Representative for
      specific product warranty and service warranty details. ​
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      • Get rapid access to the spare parts you need to maximize the uptime of your equipment and ensure reliable and accurate operation. In addition to standard spare part delivery, we also offer an express service where parts are shipped within one business day.
      • Warranty 
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