Triton Wind Profiler

Webinar explaining how new IEC standards for power curve testing in the wind industry apply to remote sensing
Triton SoDAR validation papers and case studies

    Triton Overview

    Triton sodar in wind industry useVaisala's Triton® Wind Profiler is an advanced remote sensing system that provides accurate wind measurement data across the entire blade sweep of today's largest wind turbines. With hundreds of Tritons in commercial use on wind development projects and working wind farms, and millions of hours of wind data gathered, the Triton is the wind industry's market-leading remote sensing system.

    Reliable Hub-height Wind Data

    Reducing uncertainty in AEP forecasts requires measurements across the full rotor sweep of a turbine. Leading consulting firms accept well-validated sodar data as part of a bankable wind study. Adding Triton data to 60-meter or 80-meter tower data meets the industry's current requirements while reducing the uncertainty of a wind resource assessment and enabling better project design.

    Unattended Operation

    Triton's ultra-low power requirement (7 Watts for a standard Triton) and rugged construction allows it to be deployed in remote, non-powered locations -- just like a met tower. Triton operates continuously and sends wind data to you via your own secure Vaisala SkyServe® web portal.

    Worry-free Wind Measurement

    Triton's robust design, rugged construction, and low power requirements keep it running even in extreme climates and remote locations. Vaisala's support technicians provide daily monitoring, troubleshooting, and field service. SkyServe -- included with every Triton -- stores your wind data in one of the world's premier secure servers and ensures the chain-of-custody of the data throughout your entire wind project.

    A Cost-effective Remote Sensing Solution

    Triton offers a lower cost of ownership than comparable remote sensing systems and provides the hub height data you need to optimize your project financing packages or gain valuable information about conditions on an operating wind farm.​

    Triton Models

    Triton is available in several configurations to suit different site conditions and wind industry applications.

    Triton Wind Profiler standard SoDARStandard Triton

    Includes 2 batteries, 2 solar panels, Globalstar modem and antenna, and4 screw-in ground anchors.

    Triton Wind Profiler SoDAR with snow melting optionTriton with Snow-Melting System

    Standard Triton, plus complete snow-melting system, enabling high quality data recovery even during periods of active snowfall.

    Triton Wind Profiler SoDAR for cold climatesTriton Extended Power Option

    An auxiliary power system using proven methanol fuel cells to keep Tritons powered-up at sites with low solar insolation.

    Triton Wind Profiler SoDAR for monitoring wind conditions on operational wind farmsTriton Ops

    A complete system to provide meteorological monitoring on operating wind farms. Includes a Triton, custom firmware to deliver met data at the specific heights and time intervals required by the ISO and forecast service providers, and services including engineering integration, installation, commissioning, and asset monitoring.

    Articles and Papers

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