Vaisala Wind Measurement Systems WTS700


Wind Measurement Systems WTS700 with ultrasonic wind sensors


    The Vaisala WTS700 is a state of the art wind measurement system for all needs in professional wind power applications. Its Measnet calibrated ultrasonic wind sensors are a perfect choice for conditions where no compromises in measurement accuracy can be accepted.

    • High performance wind measurement system with ultrasonic wind sensor technology
    • Excellent choice when no compromises in data can be accepted
    • Professional system for use in any climate, in any part of the world
    • Ultrasonic sensor can be mounted upside down to eliminate measurement disruptions from birds, and to utilize gravity to clear snow/ice from the measurement paths
    • Proven accuracy and design - wind tunnel and field tested
    • Measnet calibrated WMT700 ultrasonic wind sensor
    • All-in-one sensor reduces the need for extra booms for wind vanes, save you costs
    • Low life-cycle costs
    • Vaisala's WMT700 ultrasonic sensor eliminates over-speeding and is not affected by vertical wind components
    • Powerful data logger to collect and store information
    • Continuous data collection
    Technical Specifications

     Technical Specifications

    ​System Components ​Equipment ​Specifications ​Description
    ​Wind ​WMT702

    ​WMT702 range is 0 to 65 m/s and 0 to 360º
    WMT702 accuracy is ± 0.2 m/s or ±3%, whichever is greater and ±2º for direction (Measnet calibrated accuracy is better than ± 0.1 m/s (4 to 16 m/s)

    ​Ultrasonic wind sensor for measurement of wind speed and direction
    Heating options:
    1) Transducers
    2) Transducers and arms
    humidity, temperature, dew point

    ​Relative humidity range is 0 to 100%                                Temperature range is -40 °C to +80 °C
    Dew point range is -40 °C to +80 °C

    ​Humidity and temperature probe
    ​Barometric pressure ​BARO-1QML ​Pressure range is 500 to 1100 hPa
    Barometric pressure sensor
    ​Automatic Weather Station ​WTE301
    QML201C data logger, 4-band GSM/GPRS modem,
    Mains/Solar or external 24VDC power supply
    Power consumption, measurement system:
    0.7A (12VDC, 3 level system)
    Heater power consumption: 30A
    (24VDC, 3 level system)
    Internal batteries 52Ah (12VDC, estimated 5 days backup for measurement)
    Integrated automatic weather station in one compact enclosure
    All external wiring usesconnectors for easy installation
    ​Optional components

    ​Metek uSonic-3 Basic



    ​3D ultrasonic wind sensor, range ±50 m/s three axis

    0 to 100% Relative Humidity, -80 to +60°C for temperature

    300 to 2800 nm / 0 to 2000 W/m2

    3D ultrasonic wind sensor​

    Humidity and temperature probe


    Solar radiation sensor (pyranometer)

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