Nomad 3 Data Logger

Nomad 3 Wind Data Logger for wind resource assessment


    Redesigned from the ground up, the Nomad 3 is rugged, easier to use, and more lightweight than its predecessor. The Nomad 3 allows you to connect all market-leading sensors without any hardware modifications, and is easy to install. It works with modern communications networks and meets all industry standards and requirements.

    Simple, Secure and Easy to Use
    The Nomad 3 Data Logger is ready to use when it arrives to your site. The unit is lightweight, easy to mount and wire, and can be configured using the on-line or desktop enabled Nomad 3 Toolbox.

    Secure data is of utmost importance and Vaisala has designed the Nomad 3 with the option to enable encryption for added data security, while allowing easy access to the user. Data can be secured with public/private key cryptography to ensure maximum protection. Removing worry means you can focus on your data, and get the best analysis possible.

    Flexible and Economical
    The Nomad 3 works with all market-leading wind and solar sensors. This flexibility means you can choose the configuration that works best for your application. The Nomad 3 is an economical choice when budget is a factor in your decision-making. It has low power consumption, smaller data file sizes to reduce transmission costs, and optional remote access capability so you need fewer field visits.

    The Nomad 3 is also flexible when it comes to communications and data options. Data can be stored in the logger, emailed daily, sent by ftp, or sent using Vaisala’s SkyServe Data Service.
    Technical Specifications

     Technical Specifications

    The full set of specifications is available on the product datasheet.

    Nomad 3 Specification Highlights:
      • 12 counter and 12 analog single-ended/6 analog differential inputs
      • Pluggable screw terminals for sensor inputs
      • Separate power enclosure with solar charging option
      • Optional remote communications
      • Data security available with user enabled encryption
      • Responsive OLED display visible in all lighting conditions