Wind Performance Reconciliation


    Product Description

     Product Description

    ​​​​Wind Performance Reconciliation puts recent and future wind performance in context so you understand the risks and implications of variability at potential or existing projects across your portfolio. Vaisala 3TIER Services enables you to optimize and diversify your assets and our quarterly forecasts help you structure long-term hedges for energy and capacity transactions.

    North American Wind Anomaly Map Example 

    Based On a 30+ Year Perspective

    It takes more than 10-15 years of climatology to fully understand normal variability and reoccurring climate anomalies. That is why Vaisala 3TIER Services includes 30+ years of site-specific, statistically corrected data to deliver the long-term context necessary to distinguish normal cyclical variability and non-standard climate anomalies that impact wind power production.

    Reports Customized To Your Portfolio

    Each quarter Vaisala 3TIER Services delivers a report discussing the climate and weather patterns that affected your project sites during the past 3 months, as well as site-specific data showing how the past quarter compares to the long-term mean. GIS-formatted anomaly maps are included to show where wind speeds were above or below their 30+ year average value both in terms of an anomaly ratio and probability of exceedance. Vaisala also delivers the underlying time series data at all of your project sites.

    Quarterly Forecasts

    In addition to a detailed analysis of the previous quarter, Vaisala 3TIER Services​ also provides a 3-month forecast for the upcoming quarter based on current conditions and climate trends. This forecast allows you to plan for anomalies in advance and perform integrated resource analysis. A 12-month outlook can also be delivered upon request.​

    Technical Overview

     Technical Overview

    Product Highlights
    • Long-term perspective. All analysis is based on 30+ years of climatology, providing a longer base case for defining normal conditions and long-term variability patterns.
    • Added context. A Vaisala scientist completes all of the accompanying reports and is dedicated to studying recent and forecasted conditions impacting your portfolio.
    • Security. A secure password protected web host server, following secure file transfer protocol, is used for the transfer of all client-provided data to Vaisala, and for the transfer of all modeled data back to the client.

    ​Delivery Method

    This product is made available through PDF reports, GIS formatted maps, and data files transferred via secure FTP.


    Meteorological data utilized for reconciliation services are derived from Vaisala 3TIER Services continually updated, NWP derived datasets. Anomaly and probability maps for recent periods are compared against long-term mean conditions over the period 1969-2008.

    Historical power production data or met tower observations are used to correct the model simulations in a process known as model output statistics or MOS. This method significantly reduces error, removes bias, and improves the certainty of the analysis. Vaisala​​'s proprietary MOS technique has shown proven accuracy in both internal and independent validation studies.

    If you are unfamiliar with the technical terminology on this page, please visit our Glossary for more information.​