Wind Time Series and Prospecting Tools


    Product Description
    ​​​The Vaisala Wind Time Series and Prospecting Tools allow you to explore wind behavior and long-term variability across the globe at a flat, low price. Now you c​an quickly and easily prioritize sites and better understand the uncertainty of your​ long-term corrections – a critical factor when evaluating project locations.
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    ​Fast Access to Long-Term Wind ​Data

    Featuring a user-friendly point and click interface, our Time Series Tools give quick and immediate access to detailed resource information from multiple reanalysis datasets. Now you can browse locations within our high resolution wind speed map, easily compare NNRP, ERA-I, and MERRA reanalysis datasets side-by-side, and then download one or more of the full hourly time series into your own analysis tools with the click of a mouse. In performing long-term energy assessments, Vaisala routinely compares how the long-term corrections of major reanalysis datasets agree or disagree. Now you can easily access this same information from your browser. This saves you time and improves your analysis so you can identify the best wind development areas for closer evaluation without having to visit sites. Our basic, low cost subscription allows you to download up to 1,000 time series files, which are delivered to your account within hours.

    ​Easy Site Analysis and Comparison

    This subscription also includes unlimited access to Vaisala’s Wind Prospecting Tools powered by our sophisticated 5km global wind dataset. Quickly evaluate key wind data points, such as average wind speed, direction, and distribution. Our highly customizable Dashboard interface makes analyzing and comparing sites, both side-by-side and at multiple hub heights, intuitive and simple. With a more robust set of information, prioritizing leads and potential sites has never been easier. You can even start making early stage planning decisions such as met tower siting and turbine orientation.​

    Technical Overview

    ​Produ​​​ct Features

    A Map Controller assists you in viewing information from the following tools:

    Wind Time Series Tools:

    • Time series viewer
    • Time series download

    Wind Prospecting Tools:

    • Annual mean wind speed
    • Monthly mean wind speed
    • Annual wind rose
    • Wind speed distribution

    ​Product Highlights

    Access to Vaisala Dashboard Tools

    Tailor the way you see information to the specific needs and demands of your work all within a seamless, drag and drop interface featuring page layout options, maximize and scale tools, and multiple page views.

    Wide Geographic Availability

    Select the region you want to explore from the entire globe. With worldwide coverage, these global datasets have few constraints. If you want to develop there, we can provide you the tools to get started. The Prospecting Tools have global coverage between 60 degrees North and 60 degrees South. For the Time Series Tools, ERA-I and MERRA time series data are available from pole-to-pole. The NNRP-D data is available for much of the world but not at all locations. NNRP-D regions include the United States, South America, Europe, North and South Africa, the Middle East, Central and East Asia, and Australia.

    Delivery Method

    Vaisala's Wind Time Series and Prospecting Tools are made available via a client-specific dashboard interface. Time series data selected for download will be delivered to the client's secure downloads page within the Vaisala website.


    Wind Time Series Tools

    Vaisala has made it easier to compare multiple reanalysis datasets by processing the various datasets so they are all horizontally interpolated to be point specific at the same 100m hub height and temporally interpolated to an hourly resolution. The hourly values of each long-term dataset have been scaled to match the long-term mean of Vaisala's Prospecting Tools dataset, which covers the globe at a resolution of 5km and from the time period 1997 to 2006. Downloaded time series files cover a much longer period of time and will be frequently updated to include recent data.

    Datasets Available:

    • NNRP-D: Downscaled NCEP/NCAR Global Reanalysis Product
    • ERA-I: ERA-Interim Reanalysis Product from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
    • MERRA: NASA Global Reanalysis Product

    More information can be found in our FAQ section.


    Wind Prospecting Tools

    The Wind Prospecting Tools are made possible by the most comprehensive and geographically complete wind dataset available. Founded on the latest science, the dataset was created through the application of advanced NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction) models and incorporates publicly available observations from meteorological towers worldwide. Vaisala's methodology is based on proven, state-of-the-art methods supported by a large scientific and research community and the result was over a decade of simulations for wind resource data.

    Technical Highlights:

    • Spatial resolution of 2 arc minutes (approximately 5km)
    • Validated by 4000 NCEP-ADP network stations worldwide
    • Mesoscale 10-year WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) model run
    • Model constrained by high-quality inputs from the NCAR/NCEP reanalysis, which incorporates real observational data.

    Validation Results: 

    The difference between annual mean wind speed data provided by the Wind Prospecting tools and actual on-site measurements from NCAR/NCEP reanalysis is less than 0.5 m/s at 50% of the observational stations and less than 1 m/s at 78% of the stations. The overall bias is +0.05 m/s relative to NCEP-ADP observations, and the RMSE (Root Mean Square Error) is 0.93 m/s.

    Find our validation papers here.

    If you are unfamiliar with the technical terminology on this page, please visit our Glossary for more information.​

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