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For 79 years, Vaisala has been the world leader in weather monitoring and measurement. We support profitable energy decisions with measurement, asset monitoring, and renewable energy consulting.
For Asset Monitoring
Outages Happen 24/7 - So Should Monitoring
Learn more about asset monitoring
New Product for Online Transformer Condition Monitoring
Contact Vaisala power expert to learn more and set up an appointment.
For Renewable Energy Developers
Accelerate Your Projects and Minimize Your Financial Risk.
Read how you can manage uncertainty in the development process -- blog posts, videos, and slideshares.
See how you can speed up projects and handle development challenges
Get detailed information about our products and services
For Utilities and Renewable Energy Operators
Improve Energy Production and Build Economic Value
Read blog posts and articles about renewable energy scheduling, forecasting, and minimizing operational risk
Learn how you can use our energy forecasting, lightning information, and other weather monitoring to optimize performance
Get detailed information about our products and services

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