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Vaisala Sigmet Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP900

The Vaisala Sigmet Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP900™ - Dual Polarization, Wide Dynamic Range, and Pulse Compression ready


    • The RVP900™ Sigmet Digital Receiver and Signal Processor provides comprehensive digital IF and signal processing functions on an open Linux PC platform
    • 100 MHz, 16-bit IF sampling improving sensitivity and dynamic range in 5 independent channels
    • 38.4 Billion multiply accumulates cycles per second which is a x5 increase over the RVP8™
    • RVP900™ Sigmet is compatible with any PC server using a Ethernet interface. The next generation hardware is the next faster PC chip.
    • Independent and parallel FIR filtering allowing dual pulse width and dual frequency strategies on each receive channel
    • Dual Polarization, Wide Dynamic Range, and Pulse Compression ready
    Technical Specifications

    IF Digital Receiver

    ​IF Range                                         ​5-120 MHz
    ​Saturation Level ​+8.0 dBm @ 50Ω
    ​Dynamic Range
    (dependent on matched filter)

    90 to >105 dB
    Optional wide dynamic range mode ​>120 dB
    ​A/D Resolution ​16 bits
    ​Sampling Rate ​50 - 100 MHz
    ​Master Clock jitter ​<1.0 picosec
    ​Multiply/accumulate cycles per second
    (5X greater than RVP8/IFD)

    38.4 billion Hz
    ​Pulse Repetition Frequency ​50 Hz to 20 KHz
    ​Impulse Response ​3024 FIR taps
    (Up to 80 microseconds)
    ​Minimum Range Resolution ​15 meters
    (accuracy of ±1.5 m)
    ​Maximum Range ​1024 km
    ​Maximum number of range bins ​4200
    ​Klystron: ​Better than 0.1 degrees
    (for 1.0 microsecond pulse):

    Better than 0.5 degrees
    ​Two 16-bit TxDAC outputs 5-65 MHz
    >65 dB SNR
    +13dBm @ 50Ω
    TxDDS output ​5-105 MHz
    >65 dB SNR
    +13dBm @ 50Ω
    ​RS-422 ​20 Differential Line Pairs
    ​TTL/CMOS Lines 20 open-ended lines
    ​Analog input ​6 differential pairs ±10V

    Signal Processor

    Processing Modes ​PPP, DFT with GMAPTM, Random Phase 2nd trip filtering/recovery
    ​Data Outputs (8 or 16 bit) ​Z, V, W, SQI, ZDR, LDR, RHOHV, PHIDP,
    and KDP, I/Q, Doppler Power Spectrum
    ​Dual Polarization ​Alternating, Simultaneous, H-Only
    ​Azimuth Averaging ​2 to 1024 Pulses
    ​Dual PRF ​Velocity De-aliasing 2:3, 3:4, or 4:5 for 2X, 3X, or 4X de-aliasing
    ​Clutter Filters ​IIR, Fixed and Adaptive Width
    GMAPTM >60dB rejection

    Physical and Environmental

    ​Digital Receiver: ​ 85-264 VAC 50/60 Hz or 12-36 VDC
    ​Signal Processor: ​100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz
    ​Digital Receiver:
    (non-condensing) R.H.

    -40 C° - 50 C° operating, 0 - 95%
    ​Signal Processor:
    (non-condensing) R.H.

    10 C° - 35 C° operating, 8 - 90%
    ​Digital Receiver: ​>50,000 Hours MTBF (at 25 C°),
    < 1 hour MTTR
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