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Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS110

HydroMet™ System MAWS110 Weather Station for unattended operations


    The Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS110 is a compact, robust and easy to use system which provides quality controlled data for both  meteorological and hydrological applications. The system is especially designed for unattended operations requiring high reliability and accuracy at sites with the mains power and with battery back-up. The MAWS110 uses a field proven and high accuracy data logger and advanced software. Every system can be individually equipped with the sensor and telemetry devices of your choice to provide the most economical and optimized turnkey solution for your every application.
      • Easy and economical  to install, maintain and upgrade
      • Field-proven reliability and accuracy in harsh environments
      • Low power consumption for extended remote operations
      • Wide selection of sensors and telemetry options
      • Extensive calculation and data logging capacity
      • Open and modular design allows high level of customization
      • Low Total-Life-Cycle Cost

      Technical Specifications

       Technical Specifications


      Data Collection Platform
      with Vaisala Setup Software Lizard
      ​Vaisala Data Logger QML201
      ​Operating *) ​-50 ... +60 °C (-58 ... 140 °F)
      ​Storage ​-50... +70 °C (-58 ... 158 °F)
      ​Humidity ​0 ... 100 % RH
      In compliance with EN 61326-1 (2001-12)
      ​Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory
      use - EMC requirements - for use in industrial locations
      ​IP rating ​NEMA-4X / IP-66
      ​Materials ​Stainless steel
      ​Mast**) ​Tiltable 2/3/4/6/10 m (6/9/12/24/30 ft) pole mast
      ​Enclosure ​400(H) x 300 (W) x 200 (D) mm
      ​Weight ​Enclosure approx 10 kg
      ​Mast with sensors approx 20... 200 kg
      ​Maximum wind speed ​With one set of guy wires 50 m/s (90 kt)
      ​With two sets of guy wires 75 m/s (130 kt)
      ​Powering **) ​90 ... 264 VAC, 45 ... 65 Hz
      ​8 ...14 VDC recommended (30 VDC max.)
      ​Solar panel ​11/ 33 W
      ​Internal battery ​7 Ah/12 V/18 Ah/12 V
      ​Battery regulator ​Charge/recharge control
      ​Temperature compensation
      Deep discharge protection
      ​Simultaneous inputs from solar and AC power allowed

      Data validation, calculations and reports

      ​Data quality control ​Upper / lower climatological limits
      ​Step change validation
      ​Sensor status indication
      ​Statistical calculations ​Averaging over user set periods
      ​Minimum / maximum values
      ​Standard deviation
      ​Cumulative values
      ​Other calculations ​Dew point
      ​Frost point
      ​QNH, QFE, QFF
      ​Gust, Squall, wind chill
      ​Sunshine duration

      Standard sensor options **)

      ​Weather transmitter ​WXT520
      ​Wind speed & direction ​WM30, WA15, WA25, WINDSONIC,
      WMT52, WS425
      ​Atmospheric pressure ​PMT16A
      ​PTB330 with modifications
      ​Air temperature, relative humidity & dew point ​QMH102
      ​Rain / precipitation ​QMR102, RG13, RG360, VRG101
      ​Global solar radiation ​QMS101, SK01-D2, SK08, CMP3, CMP6

      ​CMP11, CMP21, EQ08, EQ08-S
      ​Net solar radiation ​QMN101
      ​Albedometers ​QMS101(x2), CMP3(x2), CMA6, CMA11, EQ16
      ​UV radiation / PAR ​CUV4, UVR1-A, UVR1-B, PAR Lite
      ​Sun duration ​CSD3, SD4
      ​Ground / water temperature ​QMT103, QMT110
      ​Soil / fuel moisture ​EHC20, ML2X, QFM101
      ​Evaporation ​255 Series
      ​Leaf wetness ​QLW102
      Cloud height & sky condition ​CL31
      ​Visibility & present weather ​PWD10/20/12/22, FD12, FD12P, FS11
      ​Snow depth ​IRU-9429S
      ​Water level ​PR-36XW/H, PAA-36XW/H, IRU-9429S, QHR102,QSE104, 436BD

      Standard communication options **)

      ​Satellite communication ​GOES, METEOSAT, Inmarsat-C
      ​Argos/SCD, Iridium, Autotrac
      ​Wireless communication ​GSM, GPRS, CDMA, UHF, VHF, ISM
      ​Landline communication RS232, RS485 bus, Fixed line, PSTN, LAN, MODBUS

      Data display options

      Data displays
      ​DD50, WD30(TU), WD50, Pocket / Laptop /
      Tabletop PC
      ​*) for further extended range, please contact Vaisala ​
      ​**) for other data validation, calculation, report, mast,
      solar powering, sensor and communication options,
      please contact Vaisala ​
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      • Warranty 
      • All Vaisala products and services are covered by a 12-month warranty as standard, with selected products covered for up to 24 months. During this period you benefit from free repair or replacement of faulty equipment. With Vaisala’s extended warranty, you get free repair or replacement for five years.
      • Spare Parts 
      • Get rapid access to the spare parts you need to maximize the uptime of your equipment and ensure reliable and accurate operation. In addition to standard spare part delivery, we also offer an express service where parts are shipped within one business day.