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Highly Educated Personnel Serves Customers Worldwide

Vaisala’s competence development is steered by business strategies. Vaisala continued to invest in digitalization capabilities and competencies to further improve customer experience especially in Vaisala’s online services and customer communication activities. Customer and application knowledge has increasing importance for Vaisala strategy implementation. To support the capability to argument customer value of solutions we continued to execute Vaisala tailored Value-selling training sessions. Renewable energy industry competence has been mainly developed through acquisitions and recruitments.

Vaisala’s approach to competence development combines internal and external learning programs, co-operation with universities and researchers, job-rotation, international assignments, mentoring and coaching processes. In 2014 Vaisala launched a comprehensive e-learning platform to complement other learning initiatives. Vaisala online eLearning environment hosts currently over 40 interactive modules.

LEAD program for managers and Expert Lead program for key experts focused on further developing Vaisala’s leadership and collaboration culture and competences. The ninth global Vaisala Business Learning Program started in fall 2014 extending leadership skills especially in strategy, customer focus and financial performance. Quality Lead training was launched for all Vaisala managers in May 2014. Cross-functional Reliable Customer Experience workshops in all Vaisala offices enhanced customer focused mindset and process thinking.

Aligned with ‘Well-being at work’ theme all Finland based managers participated in an interactive training session. Occupational Health and Safety Awareness training was renewed during the year 2014.

Global values dialogue process started after the strategy renewal was finalized in May 2014. All Vaisala employees were invited to discuss Vaisala’s values in online and team sessions. Vaisala’s values are Customer Focus, Innovation and Renewal, Strong Together, and Integrity.

On December 31, 2014, the number of Group employees was 1,613 (December 31, 2013: 1,563). The average number of personnel employed in Vaisala in January-December 2014 was 1,617 (1,485). The number of employees increased due to strengthening the company's research and development as well as sales activities.

On December 31, 2014, 64% (66%) of employees were located EMEA, 27% (25%) in the Americas and 9% (9%) in APAC. 43% (41%) of employees were based outside Finland. At the end of the year 22% (19%) of employees were employed in the company's research and development activities.


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