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​Reliable Customer Experience Requires Constant Attention​

​​Customer feedback is very important for us, and we appreciate the time and effort customers take when giving their view on our performance. Analyzing how we have succeeded compared to the expectations allows us to investigate gaps and develop our operations.

We invite customers and other stakeholders to give feedback in several different ways: We provide short and to-the-point surveys e.g. after service cases, deliveries and training sessions. Additionally, we conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey comprising of telephone interviews with key customer contacts from around the world.

The customer satisfaction survey results steer our improvement efforts across our entire operation. We want to align our internal measures with what customers expect from Vaisala. When we focus on the areas that matter most to our customers, we can continue to deliver the quality that our customers expect.

Annual C​ustomer Satisfaction Survey 2015

In 2015, over 500 customers and representatives participated in a telephone survey. The survey was conducted by an independent agency between September and October 2015.

According to the results, we are on the right track in improving delivery performance, responsiveness, quality, calibration and repair turnaround times as well as problem handling, and the efforts need to continue.

Innovation and Renewal through Research and Development

Based on the 2015 survey, Vaisala customers are overall very satisfied with product quality and reliability. We are happy to receive this good feedback, as these themes are extremely important for us. We will also continue our work for our products and services to meet the customers' high standards also going forward.

To this end, we continue investing in our research and development (R&D).  In the last years, we have increased our R&D investment in both business areas. This is well aligned with Vaisala core value innovation and renewal. In 2015, the Research and Development expenses totaled EUR 36.1 million, representing 11.3% of net sales. Read more about Vaisala's new product releases in 2015.

New Channels to Serve and Support Customers Better

One improvement area highlighted in the survey is ease of contacting Vaisala. Our goal is to make Vaisala more easily accessible, and to further improve the customer experience. A big part of this is improving the online support and services we offer. To that end, we launched MyVaisala support portal in 2015. The portal allows customers a 24/7/365 access to creating and following-up on their service requests.  Also, we have brought our calibration and repair services available through the Vaisala Online Store in selected countries.

We recognize that today's good enough will not be good enough tomorrow. We want to always improve our performance and apply continual improvement as a way to ensure both our and your future success as our customers. Your opinion is important to us. You can discuss the survey or anything else concerning your relationship with Vaisala with your local contact.

To stay up to date with the latest Vaisala news, please follow What's New at Vaisala blog​.

 Quotes from 2015 Survey

"Ease of purchasing, reliable equipment, quick response."

"We've looked around at different suppliers, but for the level of accuracy and compatibility that we need,​ Vaisala is the best option."
"Consistency; we know that Vaisala and their products will perform well."
"The products are reliable, the support is great and technical team have a lot of knowledge of the products."