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These products have 24 months warranty starting July 1, 2011:

Carbon Dioxide Instruments

GM20 Series Carbon Dioxide Transmitters
GM70 Hand-Held Carbon Dioxide Meter & Probes
GMK220 CO2 Calibration Unit
GMM110 Carbon Dioxide Modules      
GMM220 Carbon Dioxide Transmitters
GMP343 Carbon Dioxide Probe
GMT220 Carbon Dioxide Transmitters
GMW90 Carbon Dioxide, Temperature & Humidity Transmitters
GMW110 Carbon Dioxide Transmitters
GMW116 Carbon Dioxide Transmitters

Humidity Instruments   
HM40 Humidity and Temperature Meter
HM70 Hand-Held Humidity Meter & Probes      
HMD42/53 Humidity Transmitters
HMD60/70 Humidity Transmitters
HMD/W80 Humidity Transmitters
HMM100 Humidity Module      
HMI41 Humidity Indicator & Probes             
HMK15 Humidity Calibrator      
HMP60/110 Humidity & Temperature Probes
HMP63/113 Humidity and Temperature Probes
HMP155 Meteorological Humidity Probes      
HMT120/130 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter
HMT330 Humidity And Temperature Transmitter
HMT300TMK Turbine Mounting Kit
HMT310 Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

HMT330MIK Meteorological Installation Kit
HMT330WPA Warmed Probe Accessory
HMT360 Humidity & Temperature Transmitters (Ex)
HMW40/50 Humidity Transmitters
HMW60/70 Humidity Transmitters
HMW90 Humidity Transmitters        
SHM40 Structural Humidity Measurement Kit
Dewpoint Instruments   
DM70 Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter & Probes
DMT132 Dewpoint Transmitters
DMT143 Dewpoint Transmitters      
DMT152 Dewpoint Transmitters      
DMT242 Dewpoint Transmitters
DMT340 Dewpoint Transmitters
DPT145 Multiparameter Transmitter
DPT146 Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitters           
Moisture In Oil Instruments    
MM70 Hand-Held Moisture In Oil Meter & Probes
MMT162 Moisture In Oil Transmitters
MMT310 Moisture In Oil Transmitters      
MMT330 Moisture In Oil Transmitters
Pressure instruments

PDT101/102 Differential Pressure Instruments
PTB110 Barometer
PTB210 Digital Barometers      
PTB330 Digital Barometers      
PTB330TS Transfer Standard      
PTU300 Transmitters
Vaisala Veriteq Continuous Monitoring System and Vaisala Veriteq Validation/Mapping System hardware (data loggers and communication devices)