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Professional and equal work community

"Excellent education programs are in place that enable oneself for future roles and allow adaption to future requirements."

"I've been treated well and fairly at Vaisala. I enjoy working for a highly scientific and ethical company."

Staff Survey 2016

Fair treatment of our capable personnel

Our competitive strength originates in our highly capable personnel. We encourage our employees to take the initiative to improve their capabilities, promoting an active approach to career planning.

Integrity is one of our core values, meaning honest, respecful and reliable work environment. We promote sustainable and ethical behavior.​ We are proud that our employees find that these values are visible in their daily life.

Professional development
We offer internal training programs in both personnel management and business skills. We also support job rotation between our business units and offices in different countries.

Read more about our talent development and find case examples in Vaisala Sustainability pages.
Our professional development programs include:
  • Vaisala Business Learning Program: A managerial training program tailored to current and future business responsibles at Vaisala
  • LEAD Program: A program in leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Meteorology trainings for all employees
  • Customer service workshops

And many other training modules and tools for our professionals in diverse fields.