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Working at Vaisala

​​​​"I'm proud to work at Vaisala because I can see the company cares about the earth. I know I am contributing to something valuable - our work might even save lives."

"Best quality of Vaisala as an employer is the sense of meaning to our work - environmental measurements are more important than ever."

 Quotes from Staff Survey 2016

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Our work environment encourages innovation and long-term professional development. Our employees are motivated to make a genuine contribution to the environment and society with cutting-edge technologies.

Meaningful business - observations for a better world

We offer solutions that help improve the quality of everyday life. Our solutions enhance, for example, efficiency of renewable energy production and safety on the roads and at airports. Our measurements also enable reduced energy consumption and emissions in different industries. Meteorological information fosters a better understanding of climate change.

"We are providing global solutions that can and often will make positive difference. The best part in this is that we all count in this effort." Staff Survey 2016

Professional and engaged work community

Results of our global staff survey show that Vaisala employees are proud to work at Vaisala, feel enthusiastic about their work and find their work meaningful. This all contributes to encouraging and positive work community. Our professionals are well-educated and experts in their own fields 

"Best quality of Vaisala as an employer? Professional people who genuinely want to make a difference."  Staff Survey 2016

Innovation and cutting-edge technologies

Innovation is at the core of the company. Vaisala invests heavily in R&D, over 11% of net sales. We already are market leader in many of our businesses with our cutting-edge technologies,  and want to increase our technology and product leadership further.  More than 20% of our employees work in product development teams.

"Our work environment strongly supports innovation. Vaisala values are clearly visible in our daily work." Staff Survey 2016