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Thesis and Trainee Opportunities

"After our summer internships at Vaisala, we both were looking for master’s thesis assignments. It was great that Vaisala provided us an opportunity to do our theses here at Vaisala. It has been extremely interesting to discover Vaisala’s business from a new perspective. Besides, it’s great that here are several other thesis workers at Vaisala with whom to share thoughts and ideas." – Tapani & Hans

Thesis workers at Vaisala.JPG

Several university, polytechnic and vocational school students prepare their thesis in Vaisala each year. The subjects often relate to ongoing development projects to which students bring their expertise. When applying for a thesis placement please specify your area of interest and propose a topic or two that interest you the most.

These days most study programs include compulsory or voluntary training, or special course works where cooperation with companies is expected. Trainee projects vary greatly between different institutions and universities, so send us your application and tell us more about your project and we'll study the possibility of cooperation!

To apply for thesis & trainee opportunities, send us an open application!