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Weather Radar Maintenance

Vaisala offers a full spectrum of operation support services that secure the best possible data availability and quality for Vaisala Weather Radar customers.


    Let Vaisala take care of your weather radar, so you can focus on monitoring weather conditions. Our maintenance contract covers the entire life cycle of your Vaisala equipment and includes priority technical support, an extended warranty, and much more.

    What services does this contract include?

    • Priority technical support by email or phone (please contact us to discuss the option of 24/7 support)
    • Extended warranty covering repair and replacement performed by a Vaisala engineer
    • Express spare part delivery to minimize equipment downtime
    • Remote monitoring through Vaisala SiteConnect
    • Software upgrades
    • Preventive on-site maintenance
    • Tailored refresher training
    • On-site repair work
    Download our Weather Radar Maintenance brochure to find out more about all the services included in this contract. Or watch the videos for an expert overview of our service offerings.

    Request these services

    In order to guarantee the most comprehensive level of care and optimal performance for your Vaisala weather radar, we recommend the full service contract. We can also customize this contract based on your organization’s needs.
    Contact Vaisala Sales to find the right maintenance contract for you.