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Lightning and Thunderstorm Warning Systems

Thunderstorms, lightning and weather associated with lightning can cause challenges not only for pilots but also for entire airport operations. An airport committed to safety and efficiency is aware of weather's impact on its operations. Making use of available weather information in all critical airport operations will allow the complex business of air travel to proceed safely and efficiently. Vaisala lightning systems offer comprehensive solutions for aviation lightning detection needs.



    Vaisala offers a large range of thunderstorm warning systems:

    • Vaisala Thunderstorm Local Lightning Sensor TSS928 - superior performance in local area lightning tracking
    • Vaisala Thunderstorm Electric Field Mill EFM550
    • Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 ​​


    The Vaisala TSS928 - superior performance in local area lightning tracking. Lightning-sensitive operations rely on Vaisala TSS928™ sensors to provide critical local lightning information, both for meteorological applications as well as threat data, to facilitate advance warnings, initiate safety procedures, and isolate equipment with full confidence. The patented lightning algorithms of the Vaisala TSS928™ provide the most precise ranging of any stand-alone lightning sensor available in the world today. The optical coincident requirement eliminates reporting of non-lightning events.

    Vaisala TSS928™ detects:

    • Optical, magnetic, and electrostatic pulses from lightning events with zero false alarms
    • Cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning within 30 nautical miles (56 km)
    • Cloud-to-ground lightning classified into three range intervals: 0-5; 5-10; and 10-30 nautical miles (0-9, 9-19, and 19-56 km)
    • Cloud-to-ground lightning classified into directions: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW

    Vaisala Thunderstorm Electric Field Mill EFM550 integrates with Vaisala local-area, real-time lightning systems to monitor the development and dissipation of overhead lightning threats by measuring the local atmospheric electric field

    Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is the highest performing worldwide lightning dataset in existence today. GLD360 is designed for those who are interested in providing warnings to people, ships, or planes, improving weather forecasts, or simply getting a more complete picture of weather; anywhere in the world.

    Vaisala Thunderstorm Total Lightning Sensor TLS200 combines VHF interferometry with LF magnetic direction finding and time-of-arrival technologies for the highest level of total lightning mapping detection capabilities with calibrated lightning parameters.



    Services are an essential part of successful implementation of a thunderstorm warning system. Our service offering includes:

    • Customer requirement definition and consulting
    • Solution design and solution delivery
    • Solution installation, commissioning, testing and training
    • Life-cycle services
    • Other life-cycle service elements