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Vaisala Airport Lightning Information System (ALIS)

The Vaisala Airport Lightning Information System (ALIS) is a hosted service powered by Vaisala’s unique Global Lightning Dataset GLD360™. For airport professionals, Vaisala ALIS provides an instant web access to an advanced lightning display with clear alarm areas and messages – usable with only minimal training. Vaisala ALIS can easily be deployed without any specialist hardware or software investment or maintenance costs.

The GLD360 data range covers 500 km in all directions from the airport, which greatly surpasses the performance of conventional single-point lightning sensors. It also allows thunderstorm detection and tracking beyond the range of C-band and S-band airport weather radars. In addition, GLD360 provides superior lightning location accuracy from the airport out to distances far beyond the effective range of single-point sensors.

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    Vaisala ALIS helps airports improve safety and efficiency against a number of weather related aviation hazards both in the air and on the ground. Thunderstorms pose various hazards to airplanes during terminal approach as well as to ground operations personnel. The hazards include:

    • Dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning
    • Low level windshear
    • Poor visibility
    • Heavy rainfall
    • Hail
    • Severe turbulence
    • Tornados


    Click to open larger image of ALIS System