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Aviation Weather Solutions for Large Air Carrier Airports

The safety of all operations is the main concern of all airports. Most large air carrier airports are also faced with the question of limited resources to cope with the globally increasing air traffic.

Weather affects both the safety and the efficiency of many of the most central functions in airport operations. Having real-time, accurate and reliable weather information at hand, in easily understandable format through intuitive user interfaces for all different users at the airport, is of vital importance to cope with these weather related challenges.

During the last decades Vaisala has learned to understand and solve these weather critical challenges at airports. Vaisala AviMet® Aviation Weather solution is developed to meet the level of reliability and accuracy that your airport requires to operate safely and efficiently in all weather conditions. The inbuilt modularity and flexibility not only enables the AviMet® solution to be built to perfectly fit your current airport operational needs, it also provides the foundation that is easy to modify or expand whenever your future development plans become reality.

Vaisala's over 30 years of experience in building airport specific weather solutions has given us the needed professional competence to effectively manage the whole life-cycle of the solution, i.e. the design, delivery, installation, training, maintenance and finally modernization phases.

All Vaisala AviMet® aviation weather solutions are based on the AviMet® platform. These user-specific solutions are based on customer needs and requirements. Vaisala systems designed for airports are fully compliant with FAA, ICAO and WMO measurement standards, regulations and recommendations.