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Automated Weather Observation Systems for Heliports

To ensure safe operations on heliport landing pads, information on prevailing weather conditions is needed. Local weather stations at the proximity of the heliport provide accurate and reliable weather information in the moment when needed.

These local weather stations are designed to run automatically ensuring suitability also for unmanned landing pads. Their automatically generated messages are available for pilots approaching the heliport.

Accurate and reliable weather sensors that comply with all relevant regulations and recommendations of ICAO, WMO and the FAA ensure you the information needed for safe heliport operations.

Based on the AviMet® Aviation Weather solution platform, Vaisala can provide a heliport with a cost effective solution that covers the specific needs of heliport operation - even in the most demanding environment.

Ensure safe operations on heliport landing pads with AVIMET based weather observation systems for heliports.