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Vaisala AviMet® Small Airport System

Designed for small airport weather measurementVaisala AviMet® Small Airport System provides continuous, real-time weather reports for pilots, airport operators and other users of small airports and heliports. The system is designed to suit to the needs of uncategorized airports and airfields, which are typically used for general aviation, including both commercial and private use. The system includes all crucial weather parameters needed in aviation and provides the airport users with a basic level of safety.



    The AviMet® Small Airport System helps pilots, aviation personnel and other users of small airports and heliports take off and land safely by providing continuous, real time information and reports on airport weather conditions.

    Vaisala has a long experience in aviation weather measurement. As a full system provider with a complete service portfolio, Vaisala offers the Small Airport System as a compact solution designed to the needs of small airports and heliports. This makes Vaisala the primary point of contact with all questions related to the system. Also professional installation and maintenance services are available on request.

    Features and benefits:

    • Reliable weather information through ICAO compliant Vaisala sensors
    • Modular system easily expandable with additional sensors
    • Easy purchase through standardized configuration sets
    • Data available in a visual web form and as an audio message through VHF radio or telephone

    • Usability and simple access to data for various user groups, also other than professional users
    • Easy installation and maintenance


    The Vaisala AviMet® Small Airport System includes state-of the-art sensors, a central computing unit and communication equipment needed for sending out the data to the users. The system is designed to include user-friendly interfaces and maintenance. This support the daily operations of small airfields, where the focus and core competence of the users are not in weather measurement or measurement technology.

    Components of a Vaisala AviMet® Small Airport System:

    • Meteorological mast
    • Field sensors
    • Field Enclosure containing the Central Data Unit
    • Pilot radio broadcast unit
    • Communication equipment

    The system provides audio messages over pilot radio and / or calling-in as well as optional web-based graphical user interfaces.



    Installation service is available on request either by Vaisala or its partners.

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