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Vaisala Present Weather Sensor FS11P

Present Weather Sensor FS11P for precipitation and visibility measurement
      • Measures visibility up to 75 km
      • Detects precipitation type and intensity
      • Well suited for synoptic​ and aeronautical applications
      • The most widely proven forward scatter RVR sensor, selected and used by FAA
      • Meets FAA and ICAO specifications for RVR and visibility measurement
      • The most widely proven present weather sensing technology
      • Minimal maintenance needs
      • Meets ICAO frangibility standards
      Technical Specifications

      Visibility (MOR) measurement


      Measurement range (MOR)

      5 ... 75 000 m with 1, 3 and 10-minute averaging
      +10 % range 5 ... 10 000 m
      ±20 % range 10 000 ... 75 000 m

      Present Weather




      7 different types of precipitation (rain, freezing rain, drizzle, freezing drizzle, mixed rain/snow, snow, ice pellets)
      Fog, mist, haze (smoke, sand) or clear
      WMO 4680 (SYNOP), 4678 (METAR) and NWS code tables
      49 different codes supported in the WMO 4680 code table

      Operating environment


      Operating temperature
      Operating humidity
      Wind speed

      -40...+65 °C, optional -55 ... +65 °C

      0...100 %RH
      Up to 60 m/s

      Inputs and outputs


      Main supply
      Power consumption


      100/115/230 VAC +/-10 %, 50-60 Hz
      370 W maximum
      (50 VA + 320 VA defrosting heaters)
      Serial line RS-232 or opto-isolated RS-485 (2-wire) or optional data modem
      Separate RS-232 maintenance line




      2.8 m x 0.9 m x 1.0 m
      52 kg, incl. Frangible Mast FSFM250
      Frangible and hinged composite-fiber mast

      For complete specifications, please see the brochure in "Product Documentation".

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      • Warranty 
      • All Vaisala products and services are covered by a 12-month warranty as standard, with selected products covered for up to 24 months. During this period you benefit from free repair or replacement of faulty equipment.
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