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Aviation Weather Solutions for General Aviation Airports

Regardless of the size of the airport, safety of all operations is the most important aspect to manage. Weather poses many challenges for air transportation. Therefore accurate and reliable weather information is a mandatory part of any professionally managed airport. Real-time and automatically generated weather information made available to both airport personnel as well as pilots is crucial to manage the critically weather dependent airport operations.

Vaisala's AviMet®-based airport weather systems are designed to function automatically also in a stand-alone configuration. Automatic radio broadcast of the current real-time airport weather conditions, in combination with intuitive user interfaces for airport personnel, ensures the optimal use of airport resources. Starting from a basic configuration, with a broad set of options available, the Vaisala AviMet® based systems are always the perfectly fit both in functionality and cost-efficiency to your operational airport requirements.

All Vaisala AviMet® aviation weather solutions are based on the AviMet® platform. These user-specific solutions are based on customer needs and requirements. Vaisala systems designed for airports are fully compliant with FAA, ICAO and WMO measurement standards, regulations and recommendations.